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​How Do We Mentor?

Helping people build their foundations is our primary focus in our mentorship program.  As your capacity grows you will become who you need to be for your vision to come true as an inevitability.  For us its not about changing people. Its all about helping each member bring out who they are meant to be!

We are a leadership development centered organization.  We match mentors to mentees based on the mentor having results in that area and understanding the underlying principles of what the mentee is looking to accomplish.  If someone has had success in an area it does not mean they are a good mentor.  If they understand the underlying principle, and not just their own techniques, then they can be an effective mentor.  This also facilitates the mentee moving on to mentoring others.  Their understanding of the underlying success principles allows them to help people from all walks of life.

We empower and equip our members to:

  1. Clarify their purpose/ potential

  2. Develop & implement a self-sustaining game plan
  3. Pay it forward to others​


Who We Are

Our primary focus is on mentoring one on one. We transform peoples lives as we equip them to achieve their purpose and do so in such a way that they are able to pay-it-forward and mentor other leaders to mentor other leaders.  

"The only thing that going to outlive us is other people - so that is where we invest our time" - Sven Winter

Equipping the next generation of leaders & Social Entrepreneurs